- Ahok is one candidate for the Vice Governor of DKI Jakarta on Election 2012. Tjahaja Basuki Purnama real name is Ahok and was born in the Pacific Islands region. Before biting the Jokowi on Election 2012 Jakarta, Ahok has served as a Regent of East Belitung period 2005-2010 and a member of the House of Representatives 2009-2014. Let's see Ahok lunge as Candidate Vice Governor of Jakarta with Jokowi.
Ahok (Basuki Tjahaja Purnama)

Biography Ahok (Tjahaja Basuki Purnama)

Basuki Tjahaja Purnama (BTP) is fondly called Ahok born in Hanging, Laskar Pelangi Village, East Pacific Islands. He continued school (high school) and universities in Jakarta by selecting Mineral Technology Faculty of Trisakti University majoring in Geological Engineering.

After completing his education and received a Bachelor of Engineering Geology (Geological Engineers) in 1989, to return home Basuki-settled in the Pacific Islands and established CV Panda company engaged in the mining contractor PT Timah.

Cultivate the contractor for two years, Basuki well aware it will not be able to realize the vision of development that he had, because to be a mineral pengelolah than required capital (investors) are also needed professional management.

For that Ahok deciding S-2 college and majored in financial management in the College of Management Prasetiya Mulya Jakarta. Got a Master's degree in Bussiness Administration (MBA) or Master of Management (MM) brings Basuki accepted employment in PT Simaxindo Primadaya in Jakarta, which is a company engaged in power plant construction contractor as staff directors for cost analysis and project finance. Due to the concentration of employment in the Pacific Islands, in 1995 Basuki decided to quit work and return to his hometown.

Keep in mind, in 1992, founded the PT Nurindra Ekapersada Basuki in preparation for building a factory Gravel Pack Sand (GPS) in 1995. For Basuki, factory located in the hamlet of Bird Bath, mengkubang Village, District Manggar, East Pacific Islands is expected to be a pilot project how the welfare of stakeholders (shareholders, employees, and people), and are also expected to contribute to the Revenue East Belitung empower mineral resources are limited. On the other hand believed PT Nurindra Ekapersada has a vision to produce a formidable human resources.

Departing from a vision like that in 1994, a figure supported by Basuki freedom fighter late Mr. Wasidewo to start building the first quartz sand processing plant on the island of Belitung with memamfaatkan American and German technology. Construction of the plant is expected to also give great hope became the forerunner of the growing industrial area and harbor an ocean with the name Kiak (Kelik Air Industrial Estate).

Gait Politics Ahok

Ahok (Basuki Tjahaja Purnama)
As an entrepreneur in 1995 he experienced the bitterness of dealing with political and bureaucratic corruption. Factory was closed because he is against official arbitrariness. Had it occurred to him to move from Indonesia to other countries, but the desire was rejected by his father who said that one day people will choose Ahok to their fate.

Known as a generous family in the village, the father known as Kim Nam, to illustrate the Ahok. If someone wants to distribute money to the 1 billion people each 500 thousand dollars, this will only be shared enough for 2000 people. But if the money is used for political, imagine the amount of money in the budget that can be controlled for the benefit of the people. East Belitung district budget alone reached 200 billion in 2005.

Capitalized belief that poor people do the opposite of the rich and the rich do not opponents official (Confucian understanding), the desire to help the poor people in the village, as well as a deep frustration against kesemena-menaan officials he experienced himself, Ahok decided to go into politics in 2003.
First he joined under the banner of the Association of New Indonesia Party (PPIB), which was led by Dr. Sjahrir. In 2004 he ran for election as a member of the legislature. With very limited financial and other campaign models of the other, which refused to give money to the people, he was elected a member of the East Pacific Islands District Council 2004-2009.

While in Parliament he managed to show his integrity by refusing to participate in corrupt practices, refused to take the money SPPD fictitious, and became known to the public because he is the only one who dared to legislators directly and frequently meet with people to hear their complaints while other legislators more often "defaulter".
Basuki Tjahaja Purnama

After 7 months of a parliament, appeared much support from the people that drive Ahok became regent. Forward as a candidate for Regent of East Pacific Islands in 2005, Ahok defend the way his campaign is to teach and serve directly the people by giving his mobile telephone number that also is a number that is used to communicate with his family. In this way he was able to understand and feel the immediate situation and needs of the people. With the way the campaign is not "traditional", ie without the politics of money, he surprisingly managed 37.13 percent of the votes and became the Regent of East Belitung period 2005-2010. Though known as the East Pacific Islands Masyumi base area, which is also the hometown of Yusril Ihza Mahendra.

Capitalize his experience as a businessman and a member of parliament who clearly understands the financial system and the bureaucratic culture that is, in the short time he was able to perform as regent free health care, free education up to high school level, paving the way to the rural areas, and the improvement of public services other. The principle is simple: if the head is straight, not subordinates dare not straight. During her time as regent he was known as a good anti-bribery among political opponents, entrepreneurs, and small people. He cut all the costs of development involving contractors to 20 percent. Thus he has a lot of advantages to improve the welfare of the community budget.

Success is heard throughout the Pacific Islands and the voices began to appear to push forward Ahok as governor in 2007. His success in the East Belitung reflected in the election of the governor of Babylon when 63 percent of voters in the East Pacific Islands Ahok. But unfortunately, because of the manipulation of the voting and counting process, he failed to become the governor of Babylon.

In the 2009 legislative elections he ran as candidate from Golkar. Although initially placed at number four on the list of candidates (only available when in Babylon 3 seats), he managed to get the most votes and seats parliament seat distribution system due to the change of the number being the most votes.

Over in the House, he sat on the commission II. He is known by friend and foe as a figure who is, vocal, and easily accessible by the public. Through their work in Parliament it creates a new standard for other House members in anti-corruption, transparency and professionalism. He can be regarded as a pioneer in the reporting of work activities parliaments in the process of discussion of the law and in various working visit. All reports can be accessed through the website. Meanwhile, the expert staff not just work legislation provide materials but also actively collecting information and advocating for the needs of the community. Currently, one of the fundamental things that he is fighting for is how to improve the system of recruitment of candidates head region to prevent corruption in the election and competition opportunities for individuals to enter seize idealistic leadership in this area.

Ahok believes that changes in Indonesia depends on whether individuals idealistic venture into politics and when in bold maintain its integrity. For him, in a democracy, that good and evil have the same opportunity to seize political leadership. If individuals are not brave idealist in, no wonder that to this day the political and bureaucratic Indonesia is still very corrupt. Therefore, he hoped that he had political models run can be used as an example by other idealistic colleagues to go and fight in politics. To this day he is still around to meet with the community to deliver this message and the importance of having leaders who are clean, transparent, and professional.
Basuki Tjahaja Purnama

In 2006, Ahok crowned by Tempo magazine as one of 10 leaders who transform Indonesia. In 2007 he was named the leader of the Anti-Corruption Movement state officials by Three Pillars Partnership consisting of Chamber of Commerce, the Ministry of Administrative Reform and the Indonesian Transparency Society. Seeing their work, we can say that politics is politics ala Ahok on the basis of the value of service, sincerity, honesty, and sacrifice, not politics-laden instant imaging.



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