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On this occasion "biographypeople" will provide information about the Coboy Junior Biography and Latest Photos Coboy Junior course, a lot of the photos below that we love to our friends who are some photos of a lot of funny moments, gokil, and of course cute dong . hehe .. Here is a complete bio-data with junior personnel Coboy facebook account and twiiternya.

Coboy Junior is one of the boyband from Indonesia which is booming these days. Coboy Junior formed on July 23, 2011 is composed of 4 members of the band that is Aldi, Bastian, Kiki and Iqbal.

They have a different character and consists of parts of each. "Coboy Junior" arguably one stream with Super Junior shared a similar concept that boyband who prefers a "vocal and dance".
Biodata Coboy Junior

Biodata Coboy Junior Boy Band
Name: Coboy Junior
Origin: Jakarta, Indonesia
Genre / Music Genre: Pop, boy band
Year Established: 2011
Personnel / members: Aldi, Bastian, Kiki and Iqbal
Date formed : July 23, 2011
Place of birth : Jakarta, Indonesia
Citizenship : Indonesia
Popular Since : Released the single "You" (2011)

Biodata Iqbal Coboy Junior
Full Name: Iqbaal Dhiafakhri Ramadan
Nickname: Iqbal
Place & Date of Birth: Surabaya, December 28, 1999
Star sign: Capricorn
Religion: Islam
School: Al-immigrants SDIT
Ideals: Want to be Ustadz
Favorite Color: Purple, White
Twitter: @ iqbaale
Fan Page: Official Fanpage - Iqbaal Dhiafakhri Ramadan
Career: Musical Laskar Pelangi as Trapani, widescreen movie 5 Eagles as Rusdi
Biodata Iqbal Coboy Junior
Iqbal Coboy Junior biography
Iqbal Coboy Junior

Biodata Kiki Coboy Junior
Full Name: Teuku Rizky Muhammad
Nickname: Kiki
Place & Date of Birth: January 4, 1998
Star sign: Capricorn
Religion: Islam
School: SMP Negeri 4 South Tangerang
Ideals: Want to be a singer
Twitter: @ TeukuRyzki
Career: Musical Laskar Cus, widescreen movie 5 Eagles as Anton
Biodata Kiki Coboy Junior
Kiki Coboy Junior Biography
Kiki Coboy Junior

Biodata Aldi Coboy Junior
Full Name: Alvaro Maldini Siregar
Nickname: Aldi
Place & Date of Birth: 14 April 2000
Zodiac: Aries
Religion: Islam
Schools: Elementary Education Advent Jakarta Pusat
Ideals: Want to be a Architect
Twitter: @ alvaromaldini1
Fans Page: Alvaro Maldini Offiacial Fanpage of Siregar
Career: Musical Laskar Pelangi
Biodata Aldi Coboy Junior
Aldi Coboy Junior Biography
Aldi Coboy Junior

Biodata Bastian Coboy Junior
Full Name: Bastian Stars Simbolon
Nickname: Bastian / Babas
Place & Date of Birth: 21 September
Zodiac: Libra
Religion: Christian
School: Advent Bandung
Ideals: Want to be the inventor of the most advanced robot
Twitter: @ bastiansteel
Fans Page: Bastian Stars
Career: Remix, Musical Laskar Pelangi, widescreen movie 5 Eagles as Aldi
Biodata Bastian Coboy Junior
Bastian Coboy Junior Biography
Bastian Coboy Junior

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