Fatin Sidqia Lubis Biography
Full Name: Fatin Shidqia Lubis
Date of Birth: 30 July 1996
The Winner X Factor Indonesia 2013
Status: One of the high school students in Jakarta
Hobbies: Nge Band, Singing, Reading Books
Passions Color: White
Singer passions: Bruno Mars etc.
Meaning of Name: Fatin is a woman who's amazing and Attracting attention
Shidqia: true / honest
Lubis: one Batak clan who is a descendant of King Si Borbor

Shidqia girl's full name Fatin Sidqia Lubis or fondly called it managed to steal the attention of music lovers in the country through the talent show X Factor Indonesia 2012. He is listed as one of the students at SMAN 97 Ciganjur, South Jakarta.

The girl who was born 16 years ago is known as a shy person. Thanks to his trademark sound, video audition successfully uploaded via youtube site visits of approximately 400 thousand times.
Fatin And Friends School

Fatin has now also joined the middle school band and following the event X Factor Indonesia 2012 mentored by the beautiful singer Rossa. Having successfully passed the stage of Judges Home Visit and set aside thousands of other contestants.

In the area of ??his residence Ampera, South Jakarta hooded girl has bagged the title of this turned And I karate, even to a degree that Fatin did not hesitate to train with the Marines. He is also fluent in English speech, it is proved by successfully won the championship three English speech in school.

Fatin whose name is now often graced the screen and various media still has a low profile nature, he even has a new inspiration for sister at school level.

In X Factor
Fatin auditioned for the first season of X Factor Indonesia with a rendition of Bruno Mars's "Grenade". At that time he was still wearing school uniform because he OSIS prior permission to audition for this school. He was wearing a gray sweater striped. This is because he was in a state hospital when melantukan song "Grenade". He got a standing ovation from all four judges and the audience. Fatin Rossa said that the sound is very good. Ahmad said that he really liked the sound Fatin. While it is said that the sound Fatin Mulan "danger". Fourth jury gave 4 Yes. He had the right to advance to the bootcamp stage 1.
Fatin on the stage singing the song "Rindu" the group as a group that is Mersya Veronica-student, Yeri Alifia-Freelancer, Yemima Novalia-student, and Bella-Students. When Agnes Monica sang the original song, Fatin was wrong lyrics. This was because he was nervous.

The next round; Bootcamp 2 (Dance Challenge) wherein X Factor participants must dance together. Unfortunately Fatin otherwise pass on this Dance Challenge Mini Challenge so that the jury give the singing a cappella (without musical accompaniment), at this time Fatin sang "Paris Oh La La". He too eventually passed that brought him to perform in the next round Bootcamp 3.
At this stage of Bootcamp 3, Fatin rendition of Foster The People's "Pumped Up Kick". Although the time to forget the lyrics, but Fatin still get compliments, it is because his voice is really distinctive.

Fatin was advanced to the next round of the Judges Home Visit. Before the jury Rossa and Maia, he melantukan song "Cintakan Take Me Back" by Dewa19. Unfortunately this song does not fit with the character of Fatin so normal that Maia said that Fatin not sing this song with a sense of indah.Namun Rossa still believe the vocals kemampuam Fatin. And he meloloskannya until finally he went on to the next round of the Showcase, where he performed with the other contestants in the live 12th before 4 judges (Ahmad Dhani, Rossa, Anggun, and Beby Romeo) and thousands of spectators. Fatin then sang Rihanna's "Diamond".
Fatin Sidqia Lubis And Rihana

Fatin went on to stage its first Gala Show. He melantukan song from Adele "Rumour Has It". Then Fatin get away and step into the next round of the Gala Show 2 entitled "Song from a mentor", in which she sang the song "Faded". He started singing with dancing adapt with other dancers. Fatin passed and the right to go to the next round.

This round (Gala Show 3) entitled "My Favourite Song". Fatin l sang "Girl On Fire" from the singer as she pulled Alicie Keys rap. Fatin husky character appears here. He too passed. At the Gala Show next, Fatin nge-Rock performed by singing "Do not Speak" he too qualified for the Gala Show 5.Pada the Gala Show 5, Fatin singing the slow song of Maudy Aulida entitled "Paper Boat". Fatin stepped into the next round, Gala Show 6 with the theme "My Inspiration Song". Fatin choose a song titled Bruno Mars It Will Rain. He also qualified and entitled to proceed to the Gala Show 7 in which she sang Duffy's "Mercy". Here Fatin began singing while interacting with the audience.
Fatin Sidqia Lubis And Bruno Mars

Fatin up to the Grand Final and sang "Say No" to Afgansyah Reza, "Stay", and victory song "I Choose Faithful" which instantly became the iTunes Top Songs Chart in Indonesia.
On May 25, 2013, Fatin was declared the winner of X Factor Indonesia's first season.

Galery Fatin Sidqia Lubis Photos
Fatin Sidqia
Fatin Sidqia Lubis
 Fatin Sidqia Lubis Sholat
Fatin Sidqia Lubis Smile
Galery Photos Fatin Sidqia Lubis 

Fatin Shidqia Lubis event wins X Factor Indonesia
Fatin Sidqia Lubis

The first season of X Factor Indonesia has finally reached the Result show. Two participants with the highest voting, Novita Dewi and Fatin have fought for decades to reach the highest week.
Two jurors who did not become a mentor both the Graceful and Ahmad Dhani give predictions. Novita graceful choose who will be the winner of this event.
While Ahmad Dhani Fatin predict who will come out as winners. This is because the first time he saw singers like Fatin, being a good singer like Novita he had met several times.
Fatin Sidqia Lubis And Novita Dewi
Fatin Sidqia Lubis And Novita Dewi

With the feel tense, finally Robby Purba name Fatin Shidqia Lubis as the winner of this competition. 16-year-old girl managed to win this event after struggling for 6 months.

After the victory Fatin singing I Choose the Faithful is a victory song. Fatin look elegant with silver costumes combined black and beautiful veil.



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