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Full Profile Nu Dimension X Factor Indonesia 2013 Group Complete All Members - first 4 this cool guy they were solo singers who signed up in the X Factor, but at the time of their selection into a group formed by a jury who predicted boyband Nu Dimension will be the best in quality Indonesian . But now Already Eliminated, and only occupies third place

Nu Dimension is a musical group of four male vocalists, namely Romy Syalasa, Good Cloudy, Johanan Ariel, and Ryan Hartanto. This group was formed in the talent show X Factor Indonesia's first season and mentored by musician Ahmad Dhani. They broke through to the Grand Final and third place in the event. Nu Dimension is the first single "Luka in Your Heart" which is one of the three winning song sung by the grand finalists. The group was preparing their debut record after X Factor Indonesia with the guidance of Ahmad Dhani.

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New Dimension NU group formed when the talent show X Factor started. Previously they were solo singers who have the character and characteristics of each. Actually they do not want to be called Boy Band, but rather wants to be called as a Vocal Group. However, because of the demands of the people are more familiar than the Boy Band Vocal Group, they return to the community would call them as Boy Band or Vocal Group.

The rise of boyband in Indonesia had caused such vocal critics considered mediocre, often lypsinc so the assumption appears only selling passenger looks and fame. However, it is trying to be removed by NU Dimension. In fact, Ahmad Dhani recognize their greatness.

However, I think there are very few statements that are not appropriate Ahmad Dhani pronounced since been named one of Boy Band Indonesia (SM * SH), which he calls, "If they (SM * SH) stand-alone likely is not as good as NU Dimension if broken because they origin of Solo singer ". I think it is okay to give a statement like that, but do not mention one of Boy Band that I think they had the fortune and his time respectively. Should be more sensible to address the differences.
Member Name list and Biodata Nu Dimension

ROMY SYALASA SON, Birth of Mataram, January 11, 1987
ARIEL Johanan Matulessy, Birth Tawamangu, 6 November 1994
Cloudy GOOD ADI, birth Winton, August 24, 1991
RYAN Tedja Hartanto, Birth Surabaya, 27 April 1995

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