SMASH Biography - Boyband From Indonesia
SMASH Biography - SM*SH Boyband From Indonesia
SMASH Or SM*SH was originally formed by Starsignal on April 10, 2010. SM*SH at first consisted of 3 members, namely Dicky, Ilham and Reza. Then Morgan and Bhishma in, then followed by Rangga and Rafael. SM*SH stands for Seven Men as Seven Heroes. Heroes mean they want to inspire young people to create positive. A letter of his use of the symbol is inspired from the name of the management of SM*SH Starsignal. They began widely known through his song entitled "I Heart You". The band now consists of 7 people: Rafael, Rangga, Morgan, Bisma, Dicky, Reza, and Ilham.
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Genre of music that they bring is a pop-dance. Most of them originated from the dancers, there also have background singers, and some other personnel who had joined the band play. By Starsignal, they are included in the training camp. Here they honed their ability in terms of singing and dancing. They are also equipped with the science of public speaking. Training camp lasted for 5 months. Initial foray into the world of entertainment, SM*SH follow dance competition held by Cinta Laura, they are also a dancer in her singles. Then in October 2010, the first single released SM*SH. The single titled I Heart You. The song was also re-released and re-arranged by the artist along with the Opera Van Java Adul named SM # SH (read smosh) and changed its title to Cenat Cenut.

In addition, the band also has a starring role in a television series titled Love Cenat Cenut which aired on Trans TV since the date of February 18, 2011. Boy band ever sang Rihanna's Take a Bow on a live broadcast on the radio ads are also starting to get a contract from Ace Know Me So Well Telkomsel, they also become a star So Nice Sausage advertising. 10 April 2011 they celebrated the anniversary of SM*SH for the first time in the show Hip Hip Hura SCTV Carnival Reject Wind 2011 which took place in the field Lumintang Denpasar, Bali. The fans SM*SH (SM*SHblast) remained hysterical screaming mightily sing and jump even though it was in the pouring rain. On March 6, 2011, SM*SH released a second single entitled smile and spirit, they were first to show directly that type of song music electronica / Eurodance music at Inbox SCTV show, the song eventually occupy Indonesian tertasa charts.

In the event the event peghargaan Indonesian music, SCTV Music Awards 2011, Sm*sh is not nominated because this new band on the rise in 2011, but SCTV invite SM*SH to read the nomination "Album Newcomer Duo / Group". They also brought the debut lead single, titled I Heart You, the song is sung with a solo singer Afgan, besides that they also sang the song Smile and spirit. At the launch of the official website for the fans unite them (SM*SHblast) they said they would finish his first studio album which will contain 9 songs in it.

My girl song sung by Sm*sh in RCTI Powerful music event on 18 April 2011, is recycled from the song's Trio Libels were popular in the 1989's. Music as an observer Bens Leo find this song for SM*SH after ensuring copyright the song and will be included in his first album SM*SH. In addition, from the album, entitled Romeo Bebi Bebi Romeo Various Artists who have released and involve a variety of singers also include SM*SH in a song called I Love You and Him.

Although the initial appearance received many blasphemies and insults. But slowly but surely started to show the quality boyband SMASH and start earning a place in the Indonesian music scene.

Biodata SMASH / Profile SMASH And Photos Personnel Smash

1. Morgan Oey
Morgan Smash
Morgan Smash
Place and Date of Birth: May 25, 1990, Singkawang, West Kalimantan
Stars: Gemini
Favourite artist: Justin Timberlake, Rihanna, Christina Aguilera
Education: Information & Technology, Bina Nusantara University, Jakarta
Favorite song: Breathless, Shayne Ward
Favorite snacks: French Fries
Dreams of success: Drive around with the family to the world
First time on stage: Indonesian Idol Audition
Disliked: restrained and lied

2. Rangga Dewamoela S
Rangga smash
Rangga smash
Place and Date of Birth: January 6, 1988, Voorburg, The Netherlands
Zodia: Capricorn
Favorite Artist: Stevie Wonder
Education: Faculty of Law, Catholic University of Parahyangan, Bandung
Favorite song: Because of You, Keith Martin
Favorite snacks: French Fries
Dreams of success: happiness and makes parents proud
First time on stage: Singing Competition between SD
Disliked: dibohongin and Hot Air

3. Rafael Landry Tanubrata
Rafael smash
Rafael smash
Place and Date of Birth: 16 November 1986, Garut
Star: Scorpio
Favorite Artist: Mulan Jameela
Education: Univ. Maranatha
Favorite song: If You're Not the One, Daniel Bedingfield
Favorite snacks: Snacks market
Dreams of success: Being a legendary entertainer as well as an example a lot of people.
First time on stage: Singing in Church
Disliked: Cracked Glass

4. Dicky M Prasetya
Dicky smash
Dicky smash
Place and Date of Birth: June 18, 1993, London
Stars: Gemini
Favorite Artist: Stevie Wonder
Education: SMA BPI 1, Bandung
Favorite song: All the songs 2NE1 and Lady Gaga
Favorite snacks: Snacks spicy
Dreams of success: Want better known and made ​​public
First time on stage: Performing Cultural TMII
Disliked: Deceived

5. Reza Anugrah
Reza smash

Place and Date of Birth: March 21, 1994, Kendari, Southeast Sulawesi
Star: Aries
Favorite Artist: Ne Yo
Education: SMAN 6 Bandung
Favorite song: Nothin on You, Keith Martin
Favorite snacks: Dumplings
Dreams of success: Forward to go international with SMASH and can take parents on a pilgrimage.
First time on stage: Nickelodeon Kid's Choice Award
Disliked: affair

6. Muhammad Ilham Fauzi
Ilham smash
Ilham smash
Place and Date of Birth: August 29, 1995, Kendari, Southeast Sulawesi
Stars: Virgo
Favourite artist: Gita Gutawa, Hayley Nichole Williams
Education: SMAN 1 Bandung
Favorite Song: That's What You Get - Paramore
Favorite snacks: French Fries and chicken katsu typical SMAN1
Dreams of success: Want to become pious children to the elderly and can be known, wanted to make video clips with Hayley Nichole Williams
First time on stage: Nickelodeon Kid's Choice Award
Disliked: Waiting

7. Bisma Kharisma
Bisma smash
Bisma smash
Place and Date of Birth: 27 November 1990 Bandung
Star: Sagittarius
Favorite Artist: Jason Mraz, Chris Brown, Hyun Ah
Favorite song: All the songs are good for dinyanyiin
Favorite snacks: Cuankie, pecel, ice chocolate, sweet tea
Dreams of success: So the musician and director
First time on stage: Puma Ground Zero
Disliked: Chills, dust, lied to, and strings attached

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